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What you get with SwiftLee Jobs

SwiftLee Homepage Promotion

Every week, a new Swift-related article brings thousands of Swift developers to my blog. Your featured job will be promoted on the homepage, right in front of those developers that are eager to learn and become better Swift engineers.

SwiftLee Weekly Newsletter

Every Tuesday, a new edition of SwiftLee Weekly is sent out to ~4,800 subscribers including the best Swift and iOS related articles from the community. Your featured job listing is a perfect match for my audience.

Automatically extended

Your job position will be featured for 30 days. Still didn’t find the right candidate? You can simply extend your promotion by another 30 days.

Shortest route

Featured posts don’t link to SwiftLee Jobs, but directly to your job position. This makes the route to your job posting as short as possible, increasing the chances of engineers getting interested in your offering.

Salary and Tag filtering

For you, as an engineer, it’s important to know what the job will offer. Will you work with Objective-C? Or is it a job to work on macOS? Use the filters to find your perfect job position.

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Posting your Swift job position is free, so why wouldn’t you post yours? Your post is published for free on Twitter and might easily reach thousands of potential new Swift engineers for your company.